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Dollar Bills


Writer & Director / James Humphrey Jr

What would you do for a million dollars? Everyone has a fantasy. For Will and Terry that fantasy might come closer to a reality when they stumble upon a mysterious bag. In the bag are hopes and dreams.....and two counterpart family of gangsters looking for what belongs to them.


Dollar Notes


Usually things do work out for will. He hates his job, his girl dumped him, and he can't seem to rub two pennies together. So when he stumbles upon a bag full of money, the land of I can finally get what I want start to call him...but at a price!

Dollar Notes


Terry is an optimist. He has everything going for himself. He only has one problem though. He is just so dumb. And to be honest he couldn't fight himself out of a wet plastic bag.

Dollar Notes


Riley is a beautiful young woman who finds herself at the wrong place and time. Unfortunately for her she runs into Will and Terry and the shenanigans begin. 

Dollar Notes


Leonardo runs his own gang of criminals. So when he finds out something of his is missing, he's at full arms only to find out it's by the luckiest mofo's on the planet. 

Dollar Notes


Francis's paid a lot of money to get back something that's his. He lost that too, but what he found was two dumb idiots bragging about having the very thing you lost. So as the leader of his gang it only makes sense to do what's necessary. 

Dollar Notes


Jason a hot headed detective hot on the trial of two rival gangsters. he's close to catches them but can't figure out how two random idiots stumbled upon his year long investigation.

Dollar Notes


Kim is Jason level headed partner. While Jason is doing all the head cracking, Kim is the one asking the questions.

Dollar Notes


Is an underboss with a short fuse. His task is to get a certain thing returned to his boss, but things doesn't exactly go as planned. 

Dollar Notes


An underboss from the other side who likes to pull people's fuses. He stole a certain thing and wants a high number to compensate that things safe return. 

Dollar Notes


Joe is a heavy hitter big on torture. His methods can be gruesome however he has a technique that can have your heart pumping.

Dollar Notes


Another heavy hitter from the other side. His ideal way of torture can leave you in a state of shock.

Dollar Notes


Tough talking soldier who's memory is not that good.

Dollar Notes


Another tough talking soldier who just wants to be left alone to his video games.

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