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Real Talk W/ Real Men

Season One

Episode 1

We talk what makes a real man.

Episode 2

We talk fatherhood.

Episode 3

We talk being a real man in the dating world.

Episode 4

We talk work and employment.

Episode 5

We talk real men in family setting.

Episode 6

We talk bitch niggas and how to deal with them.

Episode 7

We talk words for the youth.

Episode 8

We talk education.

Episode 9

We talk Success and what it takes.

Episode 10

We talk marriage.

Episode 11

We talk hobbies & lifestyle.

Episode 12

We talk friendships and boundaries.

Episode 13

We talk how to handle a crisis.

Episode 14

We talk personal and physical health.

Episode 15

We talk baby mommas.

Episode 16

We talk investments and ambitions.

Episode 17

We talk heartbreak and rejection.

Episode 18

We talk politics.

Episode 19

We talk social communications.

Episode 20

We talk street life.

Episode 21

Man Dates

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