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Praying For Time

Writer & Director / James Humphrey Jr

Something terrible happened to Nick and he's constantly reminded of it everyday. Then he meets Amber. Amber reminds him that he can live everyday happy and fulfilled but at a cost. That cost is the ability to let go?



Something terrible happened to Nick. To make sense of it all he goes to the shore of the water to find an escape to all his pain. Until he meets Amber who convinces him to talk to her. And from there, Nick finds himself praying for more time.


Amber is a carefree spirit who wonders around endlessly helping people in her path. She finds Nick in a pivotal moment in his life and she can't resist the urge to help him. What happens afterwards is totally out of her control.


Elle works at a local diner and a good friend to Nick. If only Nick could see her for what she's worth he'll notice she can be so much more than just a waitress.


David is a close friend and roommate to Nick. He understands what's Nick is going through and hopes he can move on from it. 

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