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Associates Productions Movie Reviews Season One

1 / Good vs Bad Movies

Series premiere with an episode just talking Good & Bad Movies

2 / Good vs Bad Tv Shows

part 2 of our series premiere with good & bad Tv shows

3 / True Stories/Events

Movies Based on true stories/events

4 / Good vs Bad Actors

Talking about specific good & bad actors

5 / Special Guest Renauld Shleton II

Talking with Guest Renauld Shelton II about his Preferred movies

6 / Special Guest Kristian Random

Talking with Guest Kristian Random about his preferred movies.

7 / Nobody W/ Patrick Ryan

Talking about the Movie Nobody with guest Patrick Ryan

8 / Spiderman Movies W/ Jimmy McMillan

Talking about the Spiderman cinematic universe with guest Jimmy McMillan

9 / xXx

Talking the xXx movie franchise

10 / Resident Evil movies

We reviewed all movies from the resident evil movie frnachise

11 / The Matrix Saga

All four Matrix movies, excluding the Animatrix.

12 / The Expendables

Reviewed the Expendables Trilogy and all its glory

13 / The Fast Saga

All nine Fast and the furious movies. No we did not hold back.

14 / The Transporter

The Transporter trilogy. yes we know there's a fourth one. we didn't waste our time on that.

15 / The Suicide Squad

Reviewing the Suicide Squad and its Reboot/Sequel?

16 / Rush Hour

yes we are talking about the Rush Hour Trilogy

17 / Kick Ass

Reviewing Kick Ass 1 & 2

18 / The Boondocks Saints

The Boondocks Saints 1 & 2

19 / Gangster Special

Reviewing some of our favorite gangster movies of all time.

20 / John Wick

Reviewing the Action packed John Wick Series.

21 / Mortal Kombat

The complete Mortal Kombat movie Franchise.

22 / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From 90's on forward the TMNT Movie ranchise.

23 / 90's Batman Movies

Starting Batman Month with the early Batman movies.

24 / The Dark Knight Trilogy

Continuing on Batman Month with Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.

25 / Batfleck & Battinson

Finishing up Batman month as well as our season finale with Zac Snyder"s and Matt Reeves Batman Version's

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